Action Base 2 Review

Action Base 2 1/144 - Sparkle Clear Green

$16 CAD dammit >_>

The 00 kit has been done for about a week now, so decided to pick up an overpriced action base from my LCS instead of ordering one online and waiting even longer. The action base 2 is a solid work of engineering! The screws and bolts during assembly make sure everything is sturdy and nothing shifts after your figure is posed. The sparkle (clear) green I got is really good too. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it from pictures online, but in person it’s amazing. If you have any doubts about purchasing it, don’t — it’s basically a prerequisite for any of the gundams from the 00 series.

This review is intended to be brief because the product speaks for itself. My only complaint is that the silver screw heads (front one especially) stick out too much and hence…

Verdict: 4.5/5


Here’s a tease until I get time to take better pictures!


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