MG Epyon – WIP

It’s been a long ass time, folks. I’m back now!

I was still working on things but just not updating the blog. Then I got a job and devoted many a hours at EXVSFB on PS3. I plan to do 3 MGs at the least this year. We’ll see how that goes lol. Here’s the WIP on Epyon from last summer.

Ah, that’s right. I got an airbrush :^) Standard organization of parts to prepare for the process. As per usual, I pushed the limits on my skillcap and decided to do an LED mod on the head and beam saber. I had to use a pin vise to drill through the beam saber handle. The head was really just feeding the wires through. The biggest challenge with LED mods imo is the power solution (e.g. USB powered, battery storage, etc.) I gouged out internals in the shoulder to fit it in, out of sight.

I ordered my supplies from hobbywave because they’re the best place to get Mr. Color from in Canada. They also have a flat rate for shipping which is great. I believe they ship from BC so I knew I’d get a quick delivery that has no chance of slapping me with customs charges! To top it off, they packed really well too. I’d rate these guys 11/10 straight up.


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