Strike vs. Aegis – HG 1/144 Diorama

Bleh. Haven’t been blogging for months and evidently my motivation has waned as a result. Anywho, the #gunpla channel (run by the people who made the /toy/ guide on 4chan) were having a group build for the month of May. The theme was any SEED Mobile Suit. I finished in time but never got around to blogging about it, despite it being October now >.>

For the build, I decided to dig up my old Strike and Aegis HGs that I’d built and weathered back in like 9th grade or something. I did a little more drybrushing, panel lined and topcoated them. Basically, the standard minimum treatment. I then built a base which was good fun, although I think I could have done a better job.

Here’s an annotated WIP for the base:

I got all the diorama supplies from Games Workshop. They have space marines to test paints and shit on lol.


And here’s the finished diorama. I need to find a way to keep the Strike’s feet planted firmly still. Krazy glue, perhaps? This was pretty fun to work on in-between the down times of my Epyon. All my SEED kits are ‘renovations’ so I sometimes feel bad they don’t live up to my current skill level :\


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