The photography set up really accentuated mistakes I made! The rough texture on the GN Buster Sword really bothers me, but otherwise the kit looks great in a display! Decal and paint scratches are not too noticeable in person. As the builder I can spot them quick and feel the shame tho 😦 Nonetheless, this was a really fun to build and hand paint.

Definitely one of my top HGs as both a kit and model. It’s the best alternative to the expensive MB because let’s face it, you’re going to feel bad having the MG when a superior 1/100 exists. It’s also the best Setsuna suit imho. If you’re ever stuck on a larger gunpla project, this’ll be a swift project to rekindle the Builder’s Fire! Some observations and thoughts below:

  • My last HG before this was the Strike Noir. Gunpla engineering has only marginally improved after 4 years. Pretty much just the possibility is a little better thanks to the leg-to-waist joint.
  • I noticed at some point the runners have holo letters. Makes them easier to notice and saves some plastic… how green :^)
  • The kit balances fairly well without a stand
  • The weapons are all great and there aren’t any engineering shortcuts per se, but the piece/ability to join duel katars is missing. Not a big deal I guess.
  • The sword holster in the back skirt fantastic. As are the connecting socket and peg in the weapons and hands respectively.
  • This kit needs quite a bit of painting. Eh, maybe moderate painting, but it’s a bit much by today’s standards another 4+ years later!

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