00 Gundam Seven Sword/G – WIP

Picked up the kit and some gundam markers from modelgrade.net, for a pretty snazzy price. Their shipping to Canada kicks the crap out of other online gunpla stores in North America. I also got that nice little card for the Gundam.Info Mid-Year Campaign… which I forgot to use (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻  Doubt I would have won anything though haha. Still, I’m quite impressed with their service and packaging.

The kit was a rewarding build and looked all right snap-fitted, but still not to my liking. It needed touch-ups (good thing I researched which markers I’d need for it), the plastic swirls needed to be hid under paint (I prefer something à la Designer’s Color Ver. anyways), and I strongly felt the 00 Gundam would make for a great RG kit. Funny enough the RG 00 came out half a year later lol. Anyways, my goal here was to mimic the Metal Build as much as possible, at a smaller scale, thus avoiding the hefty price tag of the MB 00 7S. Notice the MB ain’t the 00 7S/G either btw? 😉 I prefer 1/144 scale to 1/100 as well. I probably want a RG of every HG I build, now that I think about it lol…

You’ll see below that the head needed a few colours splashed on. The ‘after’ photo doesn’t even include the dark grey on the faceplate.

IMG_3595 Lol, I normally just snap pieces from the runners with my hands and a pinch of grace; I figured it’s the quickest method once you have it down. To test my habitual hypothesis, I bought the tamiya side cutters (second to god hands apparently) to test it out. God. Freaking. Damn. These things cut through plastic like butter! After doing a MG inner frame following this kit, that ease-of-cutting unfortunately had gone. Yet without a shadow of a doubt I can say I was wrong — these bad boys are definitely worth! I guarantee they’ll speed up your workflow, avoid unnecessarily breaking pieces, and help with nub removal. I suppose this is common sense for the hipster gunpla community growing stateside by now though.

I worked on this kit in January and the cold weather did not help. In the first photo you can see the texture on the Buster Sword is really rough. That’s because the krylon (is shit) primer spraycan didn’t take to the coldness in the garage very well. I sprayed pieces in the garage and moved each skewer in the laundry room right after.

I botched a clear piece. 😦 I forgot to remove it when I was laying down a gloss coat, and then I tried to sand it off instead of using iso for some reason. Anyways, the fix for scratch marks on clear pieces is gloss coating. It looks a little bit better now than in the above photo.

Why was I gloss coating??  ʕ•͡౪•ʔ

To properly imitate the MB, I need decals in MB fashion! I grabbed these bad boys from eBay seller, globaltoy. The print quality is not anywhere near Bandai still, but I find them better than SamuelDecal tbh.

The GN Sword II Blaster is a part of the “00 7S” –> “00 7S/G” accommodation, wherein the ‘G’ represents a proper *g*un being added cos y’know, JPN english nomenclature. (Blaster begins with a ‘B’, rite m8?)

I dropped a roman I to make the III into II, but did it after the decal was applied so I scratched paint a bit. It obviously would have been better if I thought of it before applying it :\


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