Re: Strike Noir – HG 1/144


  • And eons later, I’m able to borrow a better camera (phone) to take pictures of a few kits.
  • I’ve decided not to do one for Strike Freedom mainly out of laziness; there’s not that much more I did to it, and it’ll just make me want to get the resin parts to do a do-over. Will likely append the post with 1 or 2 pictures though.
  • I’m still experimenting with my lighting set-up and want to tweak it a bit more before I do a shoot for Epyon. After this post, I’ll get around to the long-since-teased beauty that is the 00 Seven Swords in HG form, a SEED group build thingy, MG Epyon, and then reveal the next I’ve got lined up. I bought it months ago 😛

Updated Gallery

Okay, not much new here either. Applied markings from SamuelDecal, did a topcoat, and reposed it before putting it back in my display case. Shows what a difference just one step — albeit a cornerstone step — can do for your kits.


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