Strike Noir – HG 1/144

UPDATE: I’ve done more work on it!

This is the second project I worked on between down times on the S-Freedom, although work started on it before the Kyrios actually. Bandai did an amazing job designing this kit. I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s one of my favourite HG 1/144 kits released, ever. It comes with its own display stand (a pre-cursor to Action Base I suppose), plastic is cast in great colours, the kit flexibility and balancing are fantastic, comes with 3 pairs of hands, and grooves are easy to line. As if all that wasn’t enough for the $27 CAD I payed for it at release, it also comes bundled with a DVD catalogue featuring the SEED Astray OVAs!

IMG_3022.JPG So as usual, we start off with a non-lined vs panel lined comparison. Praise the lord for the magic that is panel lining!  \(•  •)/

Originally, in 9th grade or so, I did quite a shitty paint job on the kit. I added the red on the shoulder armour and booster on the back, painted the v-fin, and the blue on both the main camera and “Shorty”beam rifles (they’re pistols, really now). I used Testor’s gloss enamel and it was a horrid decision… at least the guns turned out alright. The Gundam markers I believe are acrylics and did not go well over the glossy enamel when I tried to do touch ups this time around. After much effort and many coats, I managed to fix the v-fins. In retrospect, I should have bought primer since I’ll need it for future kits anyways lol.

And lastly some of the shoot. I love this kit so, so much! I actually want to get the RG Strike and make a kit bash for a RG Strike Noir. You can see some cool attempts from a quick Google search, and I think it’s relatively simple to do. I almost want to buy another one of these for that purpose and properly sand nubs etc. for that project, but I’m going to just come to terms with what I got.

EDIT: I caved and found a middle ground – buying decals. Going to re-refurbish this kit in the next month lol, can’t wait 😀


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