Kyrios Gundam – MSIA Figure

While I was waiting for supplies for the X20A,  I decided to touch up another Gundam I owned. This time around, it wasn’t a model kit but an action figure. Even here, panel lining is the difference between day and night – just check out my before/after pics past the break!


Here you can see it go from untouched –> lined –> GN Drive painted. The last two pictures show just the difference painting the core metallic green made. I used the GM18 Metallic Green Gundam Marker and applied it with a fine detail brush.

Was craving a late night snack and something strong around 3 AM~ 😛

The plastic the toy uses is a bit weird/cheap, so you could bend the orange parts covering the drive back to allow an easier time for painting. I didn’t feel the need to topcoat it especially since I wasn’t sure how the plastic and paints would react. Regular model kits use PS (polystyrene) plastic, where as I believe this is a softer PP (polypropylene) plastic. Welp, here are some better pictures.


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