Strike Freedom – MG 1/100

At long last… I can put working on this guy behind me! From panel lining to reordering topcoat, it took almost 2 months to complete. Most of the wait was waiting for different tools and supplies to come in. I put together a rudimentary studio to take pictures in this time around. ^^


I started off using my trusty point and shoot. Even though it’s one of the best models Canon has made, it is a bit dated and certainly no DSLR. I decided to switch to something better…

My iPhone 4S produces very soft images, and my dad and sister stubbornly refused to let me borrow their 5S 😛 I ended up using my mom’s iPad lol, and the results aren’t bad! It was actually really fun to use as well since the screen was so big and easy to focus with. It would have been better to use bristol board as the background since it comes in a bigger size than the papers I used 😦 I didn’t have any laying around and couldn’t be arsed to get some, so maybe for the next 1/100 I do hehe.

I believe not using natural light (or just my set-up) made the weathering a bit less noticeable. I forgot to extend the back out on the long-range beam rifle, which really bothers me :\ Also forgot to pose with double beam sabers and then was too lazy when I remembered lol. I would have liked to do more poses but I found the model hard to pose for some reason.

Little sad that the Detail Up resin conversion kit looks so nice for this gunpla lol. Wish I came across it sooner! Instead of talking about improvements and what I learned at the end here like I planned, going to create a central page at a later date.


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