Strike Freedom – Teaser

While I await a day where both the sun is out and I am home to take action shots of this kit, I figured I’d post some of the shots I took during construction. In the future I’ll do WIP posts, but so far I’ve only been refurbishing my older kits.


Here are some snaps of the DRAGOON weapon system. Panel lining makes a huge difference! I can’t go back to vanilla builds after using gundam markers, the results are just so werth ^^

The articulation of this kit is great. Really liked how the armour plates would move as the knee joint is bent. I messed up with the shading and made the left leg way too dark. It’s really bothering me and I was hoping it would hide under other parts later. I got pretty lucky that it indeed did get tucked away.

I actually got my little sister to paint the character figures ages ago and they look alright. I wasn’t inclined to fix these up and find the brushes and paints used. I’ve included a bunch of other photos as well to look at for now. The plan is to have a post with some final action shots as well as a mini reflection of the experience for every model I work on, and anything else such as kit rating is extra. Hopefully, I’ll have the S-Freedom’s done soon!


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