Chaos Gundam – NG 1/100

Man, this kit. Where do I even begin…


First of all, some back story. This kit was given to me in high school by some hot girl for X-mas. For real lolz. These pictures were taken on Christmas Day, 2007 at around 6:30 PM; soon after  I finished building the model. I got her this big plushie of Kaname from Vampire Knight (which I got to say was a lot better gift hehe :P), custom made and ordered online. Truth be told, this girl was the underlying reason I created PoWaH Subs. Her and I still stay in touch after going to different universities. Unfortunately, said chick is now fat 😦     [more after the break]

I do not like the Chaos Gundam. Gaia is alright and I for some reason like the quirkiness of the Abyss. Yet all three and the Impulse are still shit, though. I haven’t seen much of this kit online so thought I’d post some pictures I took 7~ years ago while I’m busy preparing the actual hobby modelling stuff. I’ve had to wait for tools to come in and I was out of booze, so couldn’t update the blog. Anyways…

I guess you could say this kit holds a special place in my heart, in a strange love-hate sort of way. While building it, I actually really liked some of the intricacies such as the shield and pods (they’re not DRAGOONs). The general colour scheme and even the “horns” grew on me. Being a No Grade GSD kit, it’s fairly decent if you put some work into it. I’m thinking about going back and touching it up now that I’m only half the hobby scrub I was before, but… I never liked this kit to start with, and I just want to get to making a fresh kit. Let’s see what happens 😛


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